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Makeup Monday: Revlon Photoready Air Brush Effect Foundation

I recently bought a ton of new makeup products from the drug store.  Among all the new products, I found some 'new and improved' products that aren't new but have been reformulated and released. I've been on a foundation kick right now, so I decided it was time to try the Revlon Photoready Air Brush Effect Foundation.  I have not tried this foundation before they reformulated it, so I can't compare it to how it used to be. I can, however, compare it to the Revlon Colorstay and the Revlon Colorstay Whipped (two of my favorite drugstore foundations).

Revlon Photoready Air Brush Foundation Review 2

I have combination/oily skin.  I like long-wearing foundations that have medium to full coverage.  I also have super pale skin and sometimes the lightest shade of any particular foundation line is too dark.  I've had good luck with Revlon foundations in the past, in regards to color.

This foundation gives medium coverage that is buildable to nearly full coverage.  I used my favorite Sonia Kashuk foundation brush that I can't find in Target anymore.  It is similar to the Real Techniques buffing brush, though.

This foundation blended well.  However, I found that it blended better when I did my face section by section, as opposed to dotting the makeup all over my face at once and then blending.  It sets to a matte finish and covers my acne scars well.  I used concealer on my active spots, as they were just too red to be completely covered by the foundation.

Revlon Photoready Air Brush Foundation Review 1

I purchased the lightest shade, but it is ever so slightly too yellow for my skin tone.  I think it will be perfect during the summer time.  One thing that I noticed was that the finish was a little sparkly.  It kind of surprised me, and I actually didn't notice until I was outside one day and saw that my hand was sparkly (where I had put the foundation to apply with a brush).  I went to the website to read up on the foundation at that point, and it apparently has light-filtering technology and soft-focus pigments to create a blurred effect.

I'm not a huge fan of the sparkle, but I only noticed it when I was outside.  I get that it's light-reflecting and that's what helps your skin look better.  The sparkles just caught me off guard.  Other than that, the foundation looks really great.

It is not specifically long wearing, but it does it last an entire work day.  If I don't wear a primer underneath, it breaks down in my oily areas.  So, I would suggest a primer if you have oily skin.  I also think it looks better with a powder.

Overall, I really like this, but I like the Revlon Colorstay Whipped more.  The Colorstay Whipped has the same type of coverage with a satin finish, which I am finding out I prefer over a matte finish.

Revlon Photoready Air Brush Foundation Review 3

Have you tried this foundation?  What do you think about it?

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