Thursday, February 26, 2015

My new (old) favorite shoes

Top: Left // Middle // Right
Bottom: Left // Middle // Right

It's no secret that I love d'orsay shoes.  Flats, heels, whatever!  I love the look.  It's so classy, and I think d'orsay heels have a slight retro vibe.  I've been so happy that flats d'orsays are in style.  And there are so many styles to choose from now!  I bought the two middle pairs at Target last week.  It wasn't convenient to try them on in the store, so I took them home so I could be a little more comfortable when I made my decision.  The moment I put them on, I knew I would keep them!

These are some other d'orsay flats that I've found around the web.  I really (REALLY) like the leopard pair.  How cute are they?!

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