Monday, February 23, 2015

My Supplements for Immune Support

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Last month, I spoke about sharing more of my health routines during 2015.  This week, I'm starting it off with my longest-standing routine, my vitamins and supplements.  I started taking vitamins and supplements when I was pregnant with our first baby*.  As a working mom and wife, I think it's very important for me that my immune system is supported everyday.  I take various vitamins and supplements to help support my overall wellness, but there is one that shines above the rest*.

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At first, it might seem like I take a lot of supplements.  I have slowly added them one by one, as I saw a need for it.

The most obvious supplement to take is a multivitamin, and I take a generic one for women.  To be honest, I hadn't taken a multivitamin before I was pregnant with our first baby 8 years ago.

I also take a fish oil supplement everyday.  Fish oil is great for healthy skin.

The next supplement I have in my routine is calcium since I don't eat a lot of dairy.

A supplement that I added a couple years ago is a probiotic supplement per my doctor's advice.

I have been taking the last supplement, vitamin C, for over 10 years.  I started taking vitamin C every day right around the time I turned 20.  I haven't stopped taking it since then.  Ester-C is a brand that I've been using for the last few years.  Since the 500 mg pills are smaller and easier to swallow, I take that dosage twice a day.  The amazing thing is that it supports my immune system for up to 24 hours, 365 days a year*!  This vitamin C is unlike any other.  It is gentle on my stomach, and it contains C-Sorb that helps the retention of vitamin C in cells, providing additional benefits*.  The result is more anti-oxidant support, heart health, and healthy skin and gums*!

I purchase my Ester-C at Walmart, because it's conveniently both close to work and (now that we have a new store!) close to my home, and it's currently on rollback!  It's so easy to scoot down the road to our new Walmart neighborhood markets when I need more Ester-C.

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That's it for my supplement routine!  This routine keeps me feeling my best, and also gives my immune system the support it needs*.

Now it's your turn.  I would love to hear about your supplement routine!

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