Thursday, February 19, 2015


Almay Butter Kiss Lipsticks 1

I love walking into my favorite Walgreens and seeing new products on the shelves!  I recently hauled quite a few things from Walgreens (you can watch it here), so you'll be seeing a lot of reviews in the future!

Today's review is of the new Almay Butter Kiss Lipstick range.  This new line from Almay boasts skin-tone-appropriate lip shades.  They have colors for light skin tones, light-medium skin tones, and medium skin tones. I'm of the mind that you can wear whatever you please, but the skin tone recommendations do give you a good starting point.

I purchased two of the light-medium shades, tried them out, and then went back to get the other two.
:)  I just couldn't help myself, I love them so much.  If you've ever heard me mention the Revlon Lip Butters, these are quite similar to those.  They are in lipstick form but aren't as thick on the lips.  They are very hydrating, so I love applying these throughout the day.  They are not long-lasting, but I am a frequent applier of lip products so it doesn't bug me one bit.

I have been pretty happy with all of the shades I purchased.  The only color I'm 'meh' about it is the pink.  It just doesn't look amazing on me.  My two favorites are the red and berry.  They're quite the every day lip product that you can toss in your bag when you're on the go.  I even feel comfortable applying these with a mirror, as they're sheer enough to apply on the run.

Almay Butter Kiss Lipsticks 2

Have you tried the Almay Butter Kiss Lipsticks yet?  What do you think of them?

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