Monday, March 9, 2015

Being an #UnderWarrior with U by Kotex

Many thanks to U by Kotex for sponsoring today's story and encouraging me to become an #UnderWarrior and stay confident!

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This year, I am committed to getting healthy and fit.  I've shared some ways I am doing that, like my supplement routine and a few healthy recipes.  Healthy eating is not going to be enough, so I need to get moving!  My friend and I are going to be running some races this year.  In fact, I am running my first 5K this weekend!  I can't even describe how excited I am.  Today, I wanted to share how I am becoming an #UnderWarrior with the U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core pads.

We have a gym at work that we can use for free.  It is so convenient to pop over there for our lunch break.  Even thought we're so close to a gym during the day, it's been a little difficult go schedule time to get all our workouts in.  Work obligations, errands that I need to run on my lunch hour, and the need for some down time have all gotten in the way of working out.  One thing that never gets in the way is my little monthly friend.  I've been a fan of the U by Kotex brand for practically forever.

I recently tried the CleanWear® style, and I love them.  Not only do they have the 3D Capture Core, but the sides are also super soft and comfortable.  They are also specially shaped to eliminate bunching.  They are perfect to keep in my gym bag, so I'm never caught off guard.

You can order your own 3D Capture Core samples to achieve your spring missions by visiting the U by Kotex page!  Just click on the "Get Sample" button and enter your mailing information.

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