Monday, March 2, 2015

Budgeting Bloggers: February 2015

I have used my Stitch Fix referral link in this post.  All opinions are my own.

Every month, I document what I spend on clothing.  I have given myself a budget of $60 per month this year.  Here's what I purchased in February!

Budgeting Bloggers February 2015 1

I've been limiting myself to one item from every fix I order from Stitch Fix.  I stuck to it this month, but it wasn't super hard (although, part of me is still missing that striped jacket).  I just got my March fix, and it's going to be super hard to not keep everything.  In February, I kept this grey skirt from my fix.  I love it.  It's so comfortable, it fits well, and it can be remixed in a lot of different ways.  I spent $54 on this skirt.

Budgeting Bloggers February 2015 2

I didn't have plans to spend any more money in February (I even avoided Goodwill!!), but I went to Target.  It wasn't really a mistake going to Target, since I was there to get other things.  No, my first mistake was browsing the new shoes.  I think I could've escaped with my checkbook still intact, but Izzie was with me and she was a little cranky.  I saw these shoes, tried one pair on, looked at Izzie's cranky face, and promptly tossed both pairs in the cart.  I bought the striped pair and the black/cognac pair.  They were on sale!  What can I say?  I did wear them around the house a bit, just to make sure they were comfortable.  So far, so good!    They were on sale for $20 and some change, so I paid $42.70 for these.

So... I am ashamedly over budget again this month.  My budget is $60, and I spent $96.70.  This is way better than last month, so maybe I'm slowly getting closer to my budget.  :)  This month's Stitch Fix is going to be hard, though... I love everything in my box!  I have until tomorrow to decide. so we'll see...

How was your budget this month?

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