Tuesday, March 31, 2015

FAVORITES: March 2015

I was sent the Neocell products for review.  All opinions are my own.

I love the end of the month, because it's time to round up my favorite beauty items.  I also love writing about my clothing budget at the end of the month, and that post will be going up tomorrow!

This month, I wore the same makeup nearly every day.  I've mentioned most of the products before, so I am including the products that I haven't talked about before.

March 2015 Beauty Favorites 1

March 2015 Beauty Favorites 2

Neocell Refreshing Herbal Mist

I love a good spray toner, so this refreshing herbal mist has been my favorite product in my makeup bag this month.  I've kept it in my bag at work, for when my skin is feeling a little 'meh' throughout the day.  I have sprayed it under and over my makeup, and it's great both ways.  When I spray it over my makeup, I just do a couple of spritzes.  It doesn't make my makeup run at all.  The scent is light and refreshing.

Neocell Advanced HA Serum

I had used up my previous daytime hyaluronic serum, so I started using this one at the end of February.  My face loves hyaluronic acid, as it insures the benefits of my moisturizer stay on my skin. This serum is great and makes my skin feel so soft!  Not only does hyaluronic acid keep moisture on your skin, but it also promotes healthy cell turnover.

March 2015 Beauty Favorites 3

I kept my makeup and hair simple this month.  My makeup was a mix of a couple old favorites with more new favorites, too!

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation and Powder

This has been my favorite foundation and powder combination.  It is matte, but throughout the day it looks more satin.  I wasn't sure if I'd like the powder at first, but it really looks amazing.  My skin has been looking a bit off, and foundation hasn't been staying on my skin very well without a primer.  I don't have to use a primer with this foundation and powder combo, so that is time saved in the morning.  I really can't rave about this foundation and powder enough.  I think I've found a new drugstore foundation and powder fave!!

Living Proof PHD 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

In January, I purchased the Living Proof travel kit from Sephora.  I've been wanting to try the PHD products for almost a year.  I have been so impressed with the shampoo, conditioner, this 5-in-1 styling treatment, and their style extender.  This is the only product I have left of the travel kit (the style extender was a separate sample I had).  When I went back to using my other shampoo and conditioner, I noticed that my hair just didn't have that 'oomph' that the PHD products give it. Unfortunately, I have a few shampoo and conditioner back ups to get through before I have a reason to buy the PHD shampoo and conditioner.  For now, I'll be using this styling treatment and the style /extender.   If you're interested in a more in-depth review, let me know!

MAC Blush in Fleur Power

This was the only blush I used all month.  It is a soft pinkish coral.  It has no shimmer in it, so it looks quite natural on my cheeks.  It stays all day.  This is the only MAC blush I have.  Honestly, I avoid the MAC blush counter because I want them all but I don't need any more blush.

March 2015 Beauty Favorites 4

Lily Lolo Mascara

This mascara was in my Petit Vour box.  I was very excited to try a natural mascara.  My eyes are very easily irritated by makeup.  Honestly, they're irritated by everything.  This mascara was very wet when I first opened it.  It was much better after it had dried out a bit.  I love that it's easily to apply as well, because it makes getting ready in the morning easy.

Real Techniques Contour Brush and Concealer Brush

These are two of the new Real Techniques brushes.  I bought them a month or so ago, because (1) I can't contour worth a darn with any of the brushes I had before and (2) I love smoothing out my concealer with a brush, and this one looks like the perfect size.  Both of these brushes have been perfect for my needs.  I took some photos while I was applying bronzer one morning (hence the weird lighting) to show how easy it is to contour with this brush.  It fits right under my cheek bone.

Real Techniques Contour Brush

Real Techniques Concealer Brush

The concealer brush is equally as amazing.  It is soft and the perfect size for under my eyes.  I had been using a small foundation brush, and this concealer brush is much better!  I bought both of the Real Techniques brushes on sale with a coupon code, but they are definitely worth the full price.  And I don't ever say that!

For this month's giveaway, Neocell has provided me with the opportunity to give away one Neocell Advanced HA Serum and one Neocell Refreshing Herbal Mist.

You can enter with the widget below!  The giveaway will be open for a week and the winner will be announced in the widget.

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