Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Forward Event at Belk with Junior League of Raleigh

I was given a VIP ticket to the Spring Forward event in exchange for recapping my experience.  I have attended the event before and love shopping at Belk.  All opinions are 100% my own.

On Sunday night, I hopped over to Raleigh to do some shopping at the annual Spring Forward event at Belk.  The Junior League of Raleigh hosts the event every year in the spring.  This was my second year attending.  A lot of customers attend the event, but it's actually very nice to shop when it's busy.  I'm a mom, so I feel like I can say this, but it's nice to shop without kids in the store. Mostly women attend to the event, so there' s a cool vibe in the air.  You know when you're shoppin with your friends and you're all 'in the shopping zone'?  That's what the event reminds me of.  Everyone's having fun shopping and all the employees are so nice and helpful.  It's a lot of fun.

They also host a fashion show featuring the upcoming trends and styles for spring.  I love watching the fashion show, as it gives me outfit ideas.  I almost missed the fashion show this year.  I kind of got lost in the purses and then the shoes....  And before I realized it, I heard the announcement thanking everyone for watching the show!  They did a second fashion show later, so I did catch that one.

Belk Junior League Raleigh Spring Forward 1

I noticed a lot of blue and orange in the fashion show.  It totally made me feel on trend, because we (as a family) had just been shopping for Easter outfits the day before.  And what color combo did I gravitate to for their outfits?  Blue and orange!  I like to wear and buy whatever we like and don't always follow trends, so I was giving myself a little pat on the back for being 'in style' without even trying.

This will probably never happen again, haha!

Belk Junior League Raleigh Spring Forward 2

I did make a few purchases while I was there.  I was hoping to get some black flats, specifically the Lucky Emmies, but they didn't have any in my size. There was a pair of super cute black wedges on the clearance table (with an extra percentage off!).  Part of the VIP ticket is receiving a gift card (anyone who purchases a VIP ticket gets one), so these wedges only cost me $9.  My black suede wedges that I bought at Belk a couple years ago are so worn out, so these will be perfect for work!

2015-03-08 22.30.12

The makeup counters at Belk are so nice, and everyone in the makeup department is so helpful.  I finally picked up the Dior Lip Glow.  Angela has been telling me I need this, and she was so right!  I got the pink version (they also have coral), and I already love it.  Clarins was the other counter I wanted to stop by, as I wanted to try an Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.  I got color 05 candy shimmer.  It's gorgeous, so you'll probably see this in a favorites recap.  :)

Thank you so much to the Junior League of Raleigh for inviting me to the event!

Did you do any shopping this weekend?

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