Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stitch Fix: March 2015

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Here's what I got in my March Stitch Fix.  I am failing miserably at any budget-related goals so far this year and kept three items from this box.  I loved this so much, I just couldn't send them back!  Here are the things I kept and the things I sent back.

Stitch Fix March 2015 6

March Stitch Fix 2015 3

Honey Punch Faris Dotted Chevron Stripe Blouse in M

I really wanted some spring tops in this fix.  I have a lot of winter tops that I can just throw on with work pants or jeans, but I feel a little lost when it comes to spring.  This top is so cute, and I love it!  It's kind of dressy but also feels casual, which is totally my style.  I almost sent it back, because the bottom hems of the arms are a little small. They're actually quite tight, although the rest of the top fits well.  I think it will be a simple fix, so I decided to keep it.  This was $54 (and I've already worn it four times!).

Stitch Fix March 2015 1

41Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse in M

Next on the spring top docket, we have this gorgeous green blouse from 41Hawthorn.  I have really good luck with 41Hawthorn, and this one is no exception.  This is one of my favorite colors, in fact I probably shouldn't buy anything else in this shade.  :)  This was $58.

Stitch Fix March 2015 2

Staccato Raelene Striped Draped Front Cardigan in M

I really (REALLY) loved this when I took it out of the box.  I love stripes (duh), and the material is light weight and comfortable.  I also love draped cardigans.  On paper, this is the perfect cardigan for me.  But, the drape was just too long for my taste.  Also, my husband said the drape made my hips look wider than they are (sad face!!).  Alas, this got sent back.  It was $48.

Stitch Fix March 2015 4

Mystree Esperanza Open Stitch Cardigan in M

Alas, another cardigan fail.  :(  I love everything about this cardigan, too.  The color is mixable within my wardrobe, it's super cute, and I love open stitch cardigans.  However, the sleeves were too long.  Like, way too long.  This also got sent back.  It was $68.

Stitch Fix March 2015 5

Urban Expressions Elisha Zipper Accent Structured Satchel in Grey

I'm just going to get straight to the point: this is, hands down, my favorite item in my box!  I asked for a grey purse that was simple, hardware was okay but don't get too crazy, had to have a short handle and also a crossbody strap.  Well, Nicole (my stylist) delivered!  I love this so much.  It's been my current purse since I got my fix in the mail.  It's super roomy but also not heavy.  Love, love, love!  It was $58.

What do you think of my fix from this month?  Do you think I should have kept the striped cardigan?

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