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UNBOXING: Wantable Fitness Edit March 2015

I have used my Wantable referral link throughout this post.  My first fitness edit is here.  Wantable gave me a credit to try out their service.  I had a little left over, so I ordered a second box.  And I already have my box ordered for next month!

In case you've never heard of Wantable, they are a subscription styling/shopping service.  They have different boxes from which to choose.  They have accessories, makeup, and intimates.  The fitness edit box is their new service!  For $20, a style editor will pick out five fitness items for you.  When you receive the box, you have five days to decide what to keep.  The $20 is applied to whatever you purchase.  If you keep all five items, you get a 30% discount.  If you keep 3 or 4, you give a 20% discount.

On with the unboxing!

Wantable Fitness Edit February 2015 6

Wantable Fitness Edit February 2015 4

Let's just start with the most flattering items, shall we?  #joking  I had to take these pics by myself, so the angle is a little wonky.  These two items are the Colosseum Back Drape Top in size L ($38) and the Climawear Cross-Dye Legging in black in size L ($42).  They were both very comfortable and soft.  The top was too short on me, so it got sent back.  And, the leggings were too long for me.  They were also sent back.  For every edit box your receive, you can review the items you were sent.  I mentioned in my review that I need capri leggings, as they fit me better.

Wantable Fitness Edit February 2015

These leggings are cr-a-a-a-zy, but I kind of like them.  These are the Colosseum Metric Elite Spring Legging in size L ($69).  They were just a little too wild for my taste, and they were also super long.  These got sent back.

Wantable Fitness Edit February 2015 2

This top is the Climawear Caged Runnign Tee in black in size L.  This was by far my favorite item in the box.  I love the cut, and it fits me well.  It also feels like it will stay put when I run.  The design is also cool, plus it's slimming!  This was $39 and it was a keeper!

p.s. I'm not sure what the spot is in the middle of the shirt.  It's definitely not a stain, because there's nothing on the shirt!  Weird...

Wantable Fitness Edit February 2015 3

I am so sad about this item!  I absolutely love this hoodie.  Nordic prints are always gorgeous to me, and I love the pattern mixing with the polka dots.  This hoodie is called the Climawear Seamless Nordic Hoodie in white in size L ($50).  Sadly, the body of the hoodie was to tight, and the sleeves were too long.  If it had fit me better, it would have been a keeper!

I hope you enjoyed this month's Wantable Fitness Edit unboxing!  As you know, I'm on a journey to better health (and hopefully smaller hips, haha, but that's beside the point), so these Wantable boxes have been a lot of fun for me.  Having cute work out clothes is a great motivation for me, and it makes me feel more comfortable when I go to the gym.

Have you bought any workout clothes recently?  Any cool exercises I should try?

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