Monday, April 27, 2015

Makeup Monday: Spring Nail Polish

I believe I've said this numerous times before, but season beauty round ups are so much fun to me. At the beginning of every season, I switch out some of my make for more seasonally appropriate colors. I've been painting my nails a lot more recently, and particularly with Julep polishes.  I apologize for this Julep-centric post!  I will have similar drugstore recommendations for each color.

Spring Nail Polish 1

Spring Nail Polish 2

Julep Niecy & Lupita

Spring just isn't spring without a little pink.  These are my picks for this season. Niecy is a creamy, bright pink.  Lupita is a deep rhubarb shade.  I've had Niecy for a while, as you can see I've used a bit of it.  Lupita is recent addition to my nail polish collection.

Drugstore recommendation for Niecy: Essie's Status Symbol

Drugstore recommendation for Lupita: Essie's Exotic Liras

Spring Nail Polish 3

Julep Alie & Brandis

I've been loving blues lately, and these are beautiful for spring.  Ali is a creamy, soft focus mint. This  could go with anything!  Brandis is so much fun, and I actually wore it for Valentine's Day (with a cute accent nail), seen here.

Drugstore recommendation for Ali: Essie's Mint Candy Apple

Drugstore recommendation for Brandis: Essie's Naughty Nautical or Garden Variety

Spring Nail Polish 4

Nails Inc & Victoria Beckham Bamboo White (sold out now)

This is my latest nail polish purchase (aside from my April Julep shipment... ahem).  I saw so many swatches of this online.  I went back and forth about buying it, because it was pricey.  On a whim, one Saturday night (so crazy! woo!), I ordered it from Sephora.  I am so glad I did, because this is the perfect pale neutral for me!  This will be worn a ton.

Drugstore recommendation: Esie's Fed Up or Like Linen

Spring Nail Polish 5

Julep's Whitney

I love darker neutrals, too, and this has been a recent fave.  This came in my March Julep shipment, and I've worn it quite a bit since then.

Drugstore recommendation: Essie's Sand Tropez

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