Monday, May 4, 2015

MAKEUP MONDAY: Spring Lippies

Today, I'm sharing some lip  products that I've been using lately.  These are all spring appropriate. There is a good mix of drug store and high end.  I hope you find something that you want to try!

Spring Lip Products 1

Spring Lip Products 2

Laugh Out Loud Lip Gloss

This lip gloss came in one of my recent Beauty Box 5 boxes.  I think it was in April's, if I'm not mistaken.  Over the years, I have really become a lipstick lover.  However, this gloss really surprised me.  It lasts a long time, especially for lip gloss!  It's not sticky and it smells lovely.  It has been living in my purse ever since I got it in the mail!

Spring Lip Products 3

L'Oreal Glossy Balm in Lively Mocha

I am a huge fan of lipstick crayon-type products.  They are usually very easy to apply, and they're extremely portable.  There are usually at least three in my purse at any given time.  :)  This particular shade is a gorgeous nude with a hint of pinky-brown.  It's perfect when you don't want to fuss with a lip product but still want to feel done up!

Spring Lip Products 4

Clarins Lip Perfector in Candy Shimmer

This is a relatively new product to me.  I've heard a lot about this lip gloss on Youtube, and I can see why people rave about it.  It feels more like a liquid lipstick to me.  The color is very flattering to your skin, and it feels very moisturizing.  It doesn't last as long as the Laugh Out Loud, but I really don't mind applying this throughout the day since it smells delicious.

Spring Lip Products 5

Bite Beauty Lipstick in Musk

Ahh... Bite Beauty.  I am a huge fan of their lip products!  All of the ingredients are food grade, so it's totally okay if you eat this lipstick. ... Not that you would want to, of course!  The point is, you really eat a little bit of your lipstick every time you wear it.  Not only does Bite Beauty make safe lip products, but they also make some of the best lipsticks I've ever worn.  This shade, Musk, is one that I have in a mini double lipstick.  If you ever see those little mini sample lipsticks in Sephora (they cost $12), pick one up!  You won't be disappointed.

Spring Lip Products 6

Bite Beauty Lipstick in Lychee

This is the other side of the mini double lipstick :)  I love the pinky-ness of this shade.  I feel like it would look good on everyone.

Spring Lip Products 7

MAC Lipstick in Syrup

This has been a fave of mine for a couple years!  It's a nice switch from the pinky nudes I like to wear.  This has a purple undertone that gives my lips that "your lips, but better" look.  Love!!

Spring Lip Products 8

Bite Beauty Lipstick in Fig

Ahh... another Bite Beauty lipstick :) Seriously, these are amazing.  I first saw this shade on LisaLisad1 on Youtube, and I knew I had to have it.  It's been either in my purse or in my desk drawer, because it literally goes with everything.

Spring Lip Products 9

Dior Addict Lip Glow in Sheer Pink

This is a very cool product.  This is a pink lip balm that changes according to your body chemistry.  Sometimes, this looks like a plain gloss on me (like this picture) and sometimes it looks bright pink.  It runs the gamut between those two shades, and I love it.  It's fun to see what color it will look like every time I wear it.  I am always happy with the way it looks.

LUSH Lip Balm in The Kiss

I would include a picture of my wearing this lip balm, but it really doesn't show up in pictures.  It is slightly tinted, so it gives my lips a stronger pink tone.  But, it's just a balm so it's more moisturizing than colorful anyways.  I love the way this smells!  It smells straight up like candy.  Yum!

What lip products do you love for the spring?

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