Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stitch Fix: May 2015

I have used my Stitch Fix referral link throughout this post.  Please do not feel obligated to purchase through my link, but thank you if you do!

In case you've never heard of Stitch Fix, it is a style service.  For $20, you can order a fix.  A stylist will select five items based on the quiz you take when you create your account.  When your box arrives in the mail, you have three days to decide what you're going to keep.  The $20 styling fee is applied to whatever you purchase.  If you keep all five items, the total price is discounted.

This is my 11th fix, and it's my best yet!  After every fix, you can give feedback on the items you were sent.  I've found it's best to be detailed and very honest about the items, whether you loved them or hated them.  The more information I've given my stylist, the happier I've been.  I've also come across a stylist who really gets me, so I always request her.

On to the fix!

Stitch Fix May 2015 1

41Hawthorn Teresa Colorblocked Sleeveless Blouse, size L, $48

I was on the fence about this top.  The side seams are split kind of high (for my taste) and the armholes seemed a little big at first.  However, I spent some time mixing and match it with other items in my closet.  I decided to keep it and am so glad I did!  This top is more versatile than it originally seemed.  I've worn it quite a few times already.

Stitch Fix May 2015 2

Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt, light green, size L, $54

I loved the colors in this shirt the moment I took ti out of my box!  The material is so soft and comfortable.  It will be perfect to throw on during the weekend, and I can even dress it up for work. This was a definite keep!

Stitch Fix May 2015 3

Street Level Eve Stitch Front Reversible Tote, brown, $68

I requested this bag after I saw it on Facebook.  It was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. It was very nice (and reversible!).  I was on the fence about it but decided to keep it in order to get the discount.  It was cheaper to keep this than to send it back and pay full price for everything.

Stitch Fix May 2015 4

41Hawthorn Queensland Dolman Jersey Top, size L, $48
Margaret M Emer Printed Cropped Straight Leg Pant, red, size L, $98

I know this outfit looks a little wonky in the pictures.  It tlooks so much better in person!  I requested another pair of these Margaret M pants.  I love the black pair I got in April and wanted a print.  This red, white, and black pant will be easy to remix with the items I already wear.  I love these pants, even thought they are not petite like my other ones.  These need to be hemmed about an inch to be perfect, but they look great as-is.

This top is so comfortable.  I may need this in every color possible.  I don't think dolman tops are particularly flattering on me.  It basically makes me look sloppy; however, my first criteria for clothing is that it's comfortable.  And sometimes a piece of clothing is so comfortable that it wins all the categories by default.

Also, ignore that strap hanging out of the shirt.  Those straps are so annoying.  I've already cut them out.

Do you get fixes?  If you don't, you should try it!  It's a ton of fun :)

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