Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stitch Fix: June 2015

I have used my Stitch Fix referral link throughout this post.

In case you've never heard of Stitch Fix, it's a style subscription service.  For $20, you pay to have a box of clothes styled for you.  You answer a long style quiz when you create your account, and your stylist picks clothes based on your answers.  When the box arrives, you have three days to decide what you're going to keep.  The $20 styling fee is applied to whatever you keep.  However, it is not refundable if you don't buy anything.  I've been getting fixes once a month for almost a year, and I love it!

I did something a little different with this month's fix.  Long story short, I got an amazing box.  I wanted to keep everything, but I'm kind of holding out for a particular item (I'll get to that later).  So, I really needed to send back 2 items.  If I'd sent back only one item, it wouldn't have made sense monetarily since you get a 25% discount for keeping all five items.  It would've cost me more to keep four items than it would have to keep five items. #stitchfixprobs

Anyways, with this box I tried on everything once and (obvs) decided I loved all of it.  Then, I set the box out in my room and grabbed things to wear as I wanted to wear them.  I figured the first three items would be my most-loved items, and I was right!  Here's what I kept...

Stitch Fix June 2015 1

Le Lis Lindon Mixed Material Knit Top, size L, $48

This was the first item I wore out of my box.  It's SO comfortable.  I had specifically asked for short-sleeve, flowy tops for the summer.  I can pair this with jeans or shorts, and it will be perfect for when it's super hot out.

Street Level Anchorage Diamond Printed Tote

I specifically asked for this bag after seeing it on Pinterest.  I love it.  After the monstrosity of a bag I received last month, this is a much better option.  It's still a beast of a bag, though.  Don't let it deceive you, it holds a ton of stuff.  It has three different compartments.  I don't even use one of them. Wait. Strike that.  That's the compartment in which the kids stuffed all their Chuck-e-Cheese tickets. So, it does get used for something. #chuckecheeseisnotmyfave

Stitch Fix June 2015 2

Stitch Fix June 2015 3

Le Lis Kano Textured Dress, size L, $78

Well, you guessed it.  This is the third item I pulled out to wear.  And I LOVE it!  Side note, I actually forgot to take pictures of the other two items, but I'll talk about them in a second.

This dress feels like it was made for me.  It's lined and the textured cut outs are gorgeous.  This is within the price range I would pay for a dress like this, so that was perfect, too.  Please pardon the different background.  We took these pictures as we were rushing out the door to church.  ...Actually, it totally makes sense why I didn't get pictures of the other two items.  #thebusylife

So, the other two items I received were another pair of my favorite Margaret M pants.  I've received two pairs so far, and I wear both of them a ton (here and here).  I specifically asked for a cobalt blue pair but they didn't have any in stock.  My stylist sent me a black/grey polka dot pair that were SO cute.  But, at $98, I really want to wait for the color I want.  The 5th item I received was a twirly, patterned skirt. It was similar to my Gilli skirt (here and here), only in a blue/white/black pattern.

And that's it for my (first) June fix!  I have another one coming on June 30.  ;)

What have you gotten from Stitch Fix lately?

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