Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Party Season

Is there anything more fun than a summer party?  No!  Ethan's birthday is in June, and I've found that summer parties are so much fun.  There are so many possibilities for party activities!  Now, I'll ask you something else!  Is there anything more stressful than planning party.  No, probably not.  I've thrown many a party, and I have two pieces of advice.  Simpler is better, and stay comfortable.  When I'm comfortable and stylish, things go smoothly.  I keep two shoe options, in case I'm feeling fancy and want wedges.  But, if I want to be super comfy, I have flats as well.

As far as color palettes, I like to pick a couple colors that are appropriate for the season.  Flowers are a must, even if it's for one of our boys' parties!  Flowers are an instant mood brightener, and you're bound to get tons of compliments on them.  And if you match the flowers?  Even better!  ;)  I love this bloom bunch vase.  It would be so pretty for a summer party!

Another way to keep things stress free is to order your invitations. The folks over at Paperless Post are the invitation experts!  They have an amazing selection of paperless invitations that you can via email.  They also have paper options, in case you still love to send snail mail!

What are some of your summer party tips?

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