Monday, August 24, 2015

Makeup Monday: Every(work)day Makeup Routine

I haven't been doing favorites posts or videos lately, because I've been using the same products over and over again.  I go through phases where I try tons of products, and then I chill out and use all those products over and over again.  So, I'm definitely in the latter phase.  These are the products I've been reaching for every morning as I'm getting ready for work.

There are definite advantages for having the same routine every morning.  I get ready faster, and I've also been using up products.  Trying lots of makeup and skincare products means that I always have backups of ... everything.  So, it really feels good to completely use up a product and then either throw away or recycle the packaging.  It's so satisfying!

I hope you enjoy this easy makeup routine!

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