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Benefits of Using Organic Cosmetics

Today, Amy Goldsmith is bringing us a great article on organic cosmetics.  Earlier this year, I started trying more organic products.  I like to include organic products in my routine whenever possible. Thank you for all this useful information, Amy!

Benefits of Using Organic Cosmetics


Global awareness of the negative environmental impact of chemical-heavy products is definitely on the rise. Living a green lifestyle shows that we are responsible and make smart choices for ourselves and the environment. It is not surprising that many people have turned to organic alternatives for their home care products, while women in particular choose organic cosmetics more and more. It takes time to get used to natural skin care products as they work differently than the conventional ones, but once you consider the benefits they produce, you won’t think twice.

To help you decide, here are some benefits of using organic cosmetics.

Eco Friendly

Eco friendly and all-natural products have become a norm in the beauty industry. From locally farmed and manufactured organic ingredients, to environmentally sound packaging, even the big-box brands are greenifying their selection of products by offering organic skin care, hair care, and makeup options. When these cosmetics are produced and used, fewer chemicals go into the air, soil, and water.

On the other hand, when you are washing with a synthetically produced shower gel, many unpronounceable harsh chemicals are going down the drain, polluting the water and the environment. Paying attention to the packaging is just as important as reading the list of ingredients that is on it. Organic cosmetics should, by default, come in recyclable containers, but just in case always look for those three chasing arrows, and properly dispose of empty containers when you don’t need them anymore. Do not wait until the next Earth Day – start making eco friendly choices now.


No Harsh Chemicals

Cosmetic ingredients are only loosely regulated, particularly those that are considered organic or natural, which gives an opportunity to the manufacturers to label their products “organic” when in fact they contain only 1% of organic ingredients. Not to mention that it has become a routine to use certain substances under the assumption that they are safe, until proven otherwise.
Organic cosmetics should be free from petrochemicals, colorings, foaming agents, artificial fragrances, any synthetic additives, or genetically modified ingredients. Synthetics might not just cause irritation to your skin, they can have much more concerning health repercussions; from causing chronic headaches, to interfering with the hormonal system, to damaging DNA and causing cancer.
For a product to gain an “organic” status, at least 95% of its ingredients must be certified, while the remaining 5% must come from natural sources, such as clay, minerals, essential oils, or natural pigments. By using organic skin care products, you will eliminate exposure to these invasive harsh chemicals and stay beautiful AND healthy.
One of my personal favourites are 100 percent pure organic skin care products. On the picture below you can see my skin after using 100 percent pure products for three months.



Organic products are rich in skin nutrients such as argan oil, maracuja oil, green tea, and shea butter, to name just a few. “Liquid gold” from Morocco has been used for generations as a cure-all: it is a great skin moisturizer, suitable even for acne-prone skin as it doesn’t clog pores, and it eliminates stretch marks, cracked cuticles, scars, and chapped lips. Maracuja oil is a known antioxidant which eradicates free radicals, and also soothes irritated skin. Green tea has strong anti-aging properties. Fight the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and age spots, by washing your face with green tea. Green tea leaves can also be used as a face exfoliator because they are slightly abrasive. Shea tree is not considered sacred by African people by chance. Shea butter is the ultimate skin nutrient which contains vitamins E and D, essential fatty acids, and unsaturated fats that feed your skin deeply. Thanks to its healing components, it is also good for after-sun skin care.

Are you using any organic skin care products? Which ones are your favorite?

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