Friday, October 30, 2015

Fashion Friday

I'm a pretty big fan of Belk.  It's the best department store in my town and you can nearly always find a great deal.  Plus, there's a little something for everyone.  My mom and I have different styles but we can both shop there.  In fact, a couple weekends ago we were browsing the racks and I found the perfect blazer.  I've been looking for a ruched-sleeved blazer for a couple years.  I'm so glad I finally found one.

I was recently sent Belk's Fall Fashion guide and I have to say, I am loving the inspiration!  They've divided the fall fashions into three categories -- sharp cuts, uptown folk, and town & country.  I am a fan of all three aesthetics.  Here are my favorite looks from their guide.

Sharp Cuts

They describe sharp cuts as the perfect combos that blur modern lines for a cool, contemporary look.  I enjoy this style for work during the week.


Uptown Folk

This is such a great look!  Minus the hat, I could wear this to work.  I would be put together and comfortable.  But, this could also be a going-out look.  They describe uptown folk as a flashback to the 70's with an updated spin.


Town & Country

This style if my favorite of the three.  This is definitely a weekend look.  To me, this is casually preppy.  They describe town & country as reinvented tweeds and and posh plaids that are alluring and authentic.  I could imagine Princess Kate wearing something similar on the weekends, can't you?


To which style do you gravitate?  I can see how each style could fit into my week in different ways.

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