Friday, October 9, 2015

Sunday Best

I miss doing weekending/Sunday best posts on the weekend, so I'll be doing some sort of inspiration post on Fridays for a while. There's nothing more enjoyable than window shopping online (am I right??).  I have been slightly obsessed with tunic dresses at the moment.  They're kind of a blank slate, in my opinion.  You can mix and match them with everything.  I have a short-sleeved orange tunic dress (they might also be called swing dresses?) that I didn't even wear this summer, so I'll be working it in during the fall and winter.  I really think I'll enjoy it with a boyfriend cardigan, tights, and booties.

Ahh... and speaking of fall colors, I am looking forward to wearing darker lipsticks and nail polishes. I found this Lipstick Queen lipstick online, and I am dying to try it.  I've owned one Lipstick Queen lipstick before, and it was amazing.  Yes, that's past tense, because I used that sucker up and fast.  It felt so nice and moisturizing on my lips.  If you have a chance to try the brand, I definitely recommend it!

Have a happy weekend!

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