Friday, November 6, 2015


I love a good round up of style tips.  Peter, coming at us from Australia and High Style Life, is bringing us an amazing round up of fall styles!

When it comes to fashion, each season is a new thrill. All the new trends, colors, ideas and the excitement that comes with are probably some of the things that will always keep us wanting more!

Fall is generally a difficult season to pull out; the range of colors is practically the same every season however with the right way of accessorizing and the playfulness with fabrics, cuts and motifs Fall may just as well become your favorite fashion season.

What’s been getting really popular lately (and we are super excited about it) is the mash of different cultural and fashion influences to create a homogeneous yet wonderfully exciting trend. This juxtaposition of cuts, colors, themes and styles from opposite sides of the world manages to emphasize the beauty that is clever creation in fashion. What are we actually aiming at? The mash of Western, rather simple fashion and the overly ornamental Eastern influence has brought about a totally new direction in fashion, one we are all absolutely in love with! This fall, the trend got even more prominent with displays of earthy neutrals with a range of bold color patterns and statements to reflect a landscape of fun, hope, fantasy and all things natural.

Fall collections are usually inspired by love we collectively and inherently have for nature and all the security and warmth we get from it. There’s rarely a person that won’t smile or sigh with excitement to the first orange leaf falling down or the earth getting darker brown with the months passing by, approaching winter. Your fall wish list should be seductive, gentle and meant to keep us fashion-forward.

This fall, designers are keeping the aforementioned spirit alive by cherishing all that’s wonderful in this season. As for the essentials that will make you look stunning and effortlessly chic, we are answering a few most commonly asked questions:

Are trench coats still in?

We can’t really imagine a Fall without at least one trench coat hanging in our closet. However, this Fall – it shouldn’t be just any trench and in any color. Make it your business to chase an East-inspired patterned trench that will immediately bring you joy and make you look super exotic and fun! Asymmetrical cuts are also in this season, so if you are on the edgy side… you know what to do!

Am I still allowed to wear jeans?

No novelty on this front – a simple jean, bell-bottom or skinny - will always be in style as long as you know how to wear it. The “boyfriend” jean and high-waisted trend got stuck in the summer vintage/bohemian season while a dark jean in a rather simple cut took over for the upcoming Fall. This season features mostly dark blue and black denim which allows for variety of top combinations. Worn with any of the Indian inspired fashion pieces you find fitting for your style, the jeans you choose will look spectacular!

What about popular patterns, fabrics and colors for the season?

When it comes to patterns, fabrics and colors there are really no limitations! Combining of stripes with patterns such as dots, plaids, East inspired ornamental patterns or even graphic prints is absolutely possible, if not even desired and expected! This season awakens the playful and daring woman in you, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild – well, as long as it all makes sense!

Ladies, don’t forget to enjoy this season – experiment with cuts, colors and patterns and follow the current trend of East meets West – you’ll have so much fun with it and look utterly amazing! Promise!

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