Tuesday, January 19, 2016

4 Cozy Winter Dishes to Keep You Warm

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Let's face it: you're not in the mood to face the wind, snow, and low temperatures that come with winter. If you can't decide whether or not to head out with friends or stay in for the night, consider bringing the fun, warmth, and friends into your home with these cozy winter recipes! These dishes are not only delicious and sure to warm you up but are also perfect for those sticking to their New Year’s Resolution of healthy eating! Featuring a well-known superfood, olives, these recipes are just the thing you need to keep winter off of everyone’s minds.

When making an entire meal, you're not going to want to spend too much time on appetizers. If you don't want your guests to get hungry waiting for the main course then whip up a cheese log that’s sure to put the traditional chips and dip to shame. An olive and pimiento cheese log is a rich dip-like appetizer that utilizes olives, goat cheese, red peppers, and seasoning. This recipe is something you can whip up quickly before you start seriously cooking, and leave in the fridge until company arrives. 

Spice up your salads with an antipasto twist. This recipe has a great combination of ingredients but is flexible enough that you can discard what you don’t like and add your own favorites to the bowl! Start off by throwing in some salami, provolone, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, and green and black olives. Olive oil, lemon juice, and some choice seasonings will have your guests savoring every bite. Interested in customizing this dish for your tastes? Try adding anything from different cheeses to artichoke hearts!  

There's something about roasted vegetables that just says “wintertime”.  Since they are so versatile, roasted vegetables can be pureed into soup, speared into kabobs, or thrown into enchiladas. Another creative way to use roasted vegetables is this butternut squash recipe. Combine a small squash, olives, cranberries, an onion and a few seasonings to get the makings of this flavorful and surprising side dish.

If you don't use all of the butternut squash in your side dish – you can use it in the main course! Put a spin on your ordinary chicken thighs by roasting them with olives, your leftover butternut squash, and sweet potatoes. This creates a hearty dish that is not only easy and inexpensive to prepare but is also health conscious and chock full of nutrients!

Whether you’re catering to a party or cooking for the family, these cozy winter dishes are nutritious and delicious enough to keep the smiles going all night long! Don’t let the winter blues keep you down, get in the kitchen and try some of these savory recipes tonight! Have fun & enjoy!

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