Monday, January 18, 2016

Makeup Monday: How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Washing your makeup brushes is one of the most important things to do.  Bacteria can build up quickly on brushes that are not washed, and if you don't wash them you're just pushing bacteria around on your face!

I like to wash my brushes once a week.  Doing it on the same day every week helps me remember to wash them.  Friday has been my brush washing day for the last few years.  I also have enough foundation brushes to use a new one every couple of days, so I'm not using one brush for the entire week.

Recently, I started using a new makeup brush cleaner.  Previously, I've used the E.L.F. brush cleaner, but my Target rarely has it in stock anymore.  I've tried a few others, but nothing like this Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner.  I can't remember which Youtube channel I saw this on, but it sounded like a good cleaner to try.

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner 1

The Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner is unlike anything I've tried before.  The set I bought comes with the tin cup you need to dip your brushes in.  You pour enough cleaner in the cup so the liquid will cover 1/4 of the brush bristles.

Then, you quickly dip the brush into the liquid.  The cleaner has special properties that allow the liquid to travel up the brushes quickly, so you don't want to leave the brush in the cleaner at all.  Plus, the makeup instantly dissolves and will muddy up the cleaner if you leave it in for more than a second.  Wait a few seconds for the cleaner to travel up the bristles, then use long strokes to clean the brush on a towel or cloth.

You will be amazed at how well the makeup is removed!  I had a hard time cleaning the brushes and taking pictures at the same time.  Plus, the towel I used was dark so you couldn't see any of the makeup coming off.  I was so surprised how fast and easy my brush cleaning went!!  Another plus is that I don't have to keep my hands in water while I'm cleaning them.

After you have cleaned off all the makeup, you just let the brushes dry.  They will dry very fast. Once they're dry to the touch, they're ready to use again!

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner 2

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner 3

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner 4

How do you wash your brushes?  I don't see how I can go back to my old way of doing it!

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