Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Motivation For The New Year

I was given a credit to Wantable Fitness. All opinions are mine alone.

At the beginning of last year, I subscribed to Wantable's Fitness edit.  If you've never heard of Wantable, they have a variety of monthly subscription services.  I have received the Fitness Edit, which sends you five pieces of work out clothes.  When you create your account, you answer a series of questions regarding your fitness needs.  I personally love doing yoga, so items that suit going to the gym won't work for me.  You can even tailor the colors that you receive.  I don't like bright colors, so I have chosen all neutrals.

I was super, super excited to receive this edit again.  At the beginning of the year, I love to reevaluate my fitness goals.  I haven't worked out in many months, due to being so busy.  But, I have a renewed motivation and am planning to work out more.  I've downloaded a workout schedule on my phone so I can always be reminded of it.  I think it will help!

One thing that always help me is buying a couple new pieces of athletic wear.  I have always received the best work out clothes from Wantable.  I love every single piece I've purchased.

Wantable Fitness Edit 1

Wantable Fitness Edit 2

This month, my five pieces consisted of three tops and two bottoms.  My tops were two tanks and one long sleeve top.  The tanks, which were black and black/grey, did not fit very well so I returned those. I also returned the long sleeve top, which was white.  The sleeves were too long, but it was so comfortable it was difficult to sent it back!

The bottoms were quite similar. Both were black/white graphic prints.  The first pair of pants were too long and bunched at my ankles.  That is usually my problem with work out pants, so that was no surprise.  The second pair, which look like black/white snake print, fit perfectly.  They are the Onyx High Performance Printed Legging with Mesh Inserts (in the first picture).  The price was $59, which is a typical price for a really great pair of work out pants.

You can sign up for Wantable here.

How do you stay motivated with your fitness goals?

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