Thursday, January 14, 2016

Urban Decay Foundation Review

If you watched my huge Sephora haul, you already know that I bought the Urban Decay NakedSkin Foundation.  I have heard a lot of people rave about the quality of this foundation.  Plus, the pictures of people wearing it made me think it would be great for my skin.

I could not find the wordage online that describes the coverage of this foundation, but in my opinion it is slightly more than medium coverage.  It is described as buildable, and I agree with that.  After I apply one layer, I can go back and add a little more to my areas of redness.  The finish is demi-matte, so it's not a flat matte texture.  It does not need a lot of powder, although I like to powder my face every morning because my skin gets oily.

This foundation lasts to the end of my work day, so basically 8-5.  By the time I'm home around 5:45 or 6:00, it looks a tiny bit patchy in my oily areas.  If I remember to blot and powder my skin around lunch time, it looks perfect for the entire day.  I've used this with and without a primer, and of course it lasts all day with a primer.  Using a primer is not necessary, in my opinion.  It lasts quite a long time without one.

The cost of this foundation is $40, which was the selling point for me.  If you consider all the prices of foundations at Sephora, this is on the more affordable side.  It is $8 less than my 'holy grail' foundation, which is the Bobbi Brown Longwear Even Finish.  To be honest, this foundation reminds me a lot of the Bobbi Brown one as far as texture and application.

Urban Decay Skin Foundation Review 4

Please pardon my half-wet hair and lovely morning face.  I wanted to show a true before and after with this foundation!

Urban Decay Skin Foundation Review

Urban Decay Skin Foundation Review 2

This was one layer of foundation applied with my Real Techniques buffing brush.  I had not put any concealer on to cover my spots, although I didn't need much on this day.  In case you needed to compare colors, I am shade 0.5.  I prefer to match foundation to my neck, because my face is darker than my neck.  This is a good color choice for me, and it looks even better in person.

Here is a side-by-side comparison:

Urban Decay Skin Foundation Review 3

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