Friday, February 19, 2016

Date Night Outfit Inspiration

No matter if you’re single and mingling, in a relationship, or married like me, date night still carries a very fun, flirtatious feeling. When you actually set a date, time, and an activity for a night with your guy, there’s something inside of you that gets as excited as your younger self going on her first date ever.

Whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth, and those jitters just aren’t going away, sometimes it can get pretty stressful trying to pick out an outfit. The last thing you need to worry about is what to wear! So I took the initiative to help out and give some of my go-to outfit ideas for a few different dates. It always helps to have inspiration, after all!

So, based on the type of date, here are my outfit ideas…

Dinner Date

If you’re going the traditional route and doing to dinner, take advantage of the opportunity to wear that new dress you’ve been dying to take out of the closet! The best thing to wear with a dress is a killer pair of heels, and if you’re at dinner, you’ll be sitting a lot of time—alleviating a lot of potential pain from a standing date. I like this trick, which mentions wearing a nude heel to lengthen your legs and suggest even more sex appeal. 

Movie Date

The movie date is one that you can relax a bit with your outfit and try a comfy cute variety. Instead of going for full-on sweats, instead keep your look stylish and feminine with a pair of leggings and a tunic. This site shows some tunics that are more than the basic tee, like denim and crocheted looks. Pair with a sweet pair of flats, and you’re good to go! 

Food Truck Tasting

For this casual yet playful night out, you’ll surely want to wear something unique and not too over-the-top. Since these events are outside, it’s advised to wear closed-toe shoes so that you don’t get dirt in your feet. This article’s suggestion to wear joggers and bring a cute backpack is good advice, especially because you’ll want your hands free for all the food you’re about to try.

Outdoorsy Date

So your beau likes a little sunshine and fresh air? Not to worry! Whether it’s a day spent hiking, at a park, or riding bikes, it’s important that you dress accordingly. Over-dressing looks pretty silly for these occasions, but don’t by any means head out in an old, ratty T-shirt. Instead, wear your cutest athleisure outfit with an eye-catching headband to keep your pony from looking too plain.

Happy Hour Date

Going out for drinks on a date is always guaranteed to be a good time—maybe it’s because we feel a little more relaxed after a cosmo. Happy hour is a great opportunity to play with your wardrobe, because chances are you’ll be heading there soon after work. This piece notes that Gwen Stefani flawlessly pairs a black blazer with boyfriend jeans and a white tee—the ultimate cool girl chic combo. Finish off with a bold lip and strappy heels, and you’re set.

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