Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her

I'm back today with Valentine's Day gift suggestions for the ladies!  These are not only things that I would love to receive, but they are also thoughtful and unique.  Anyone who receives these would feel so special!  I love the personalized items you can find online.  For example, the heart book box would be the perfect box for another gift.  The ring boxes would be so gorgeous with a monogram on the top.  And what about the candy box?  I love the little assortment of candy.

Another super personalized gift would be a 'we met here' map puzzle.  If you didn't think twice about those pens, think again!  They are called Seven Year Pens, because they supposedly last for seven years. I have one that I received three years ago and ... it's still going strong!

I hope you enjoy these suggestions!

Valentine's Day For Her

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