Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekending: The Pamper Edition

The weekend is the perfect time to relax and recharge.  We'll be having soccer start up soon, so Saturdays will dedicated to the soccer field!  For now, I'm going to use Saturday evenings to recharge and relax with Will.  Before we settle down for a movie, I like to take a warm bath and do a little skincare pampering.  I love hot baths but they can dry out my skin.  This One Love Organics body serum rehydrates it.  A little nail creme on my cuticles and foot creme on my heels, and I'm ready for my cozy pajamas and fuzzy socks.

I love doing a hydrating sheet mask.  If you've never done one, you are missing out!  You have to let it sit on your skin for a while, usually 10-20 minutes.  But, after wards, the essence is left on your skin and you pat it on. I don't feel the need for any skincare other than a hydrating eye serum.  Then, I'm ready for my cup of tea and a movie!

How do you like to relax and recharge on the weekend?

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