Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ready for the weekend and beyond

I'm interrupting my usual fashion and beauty programming to bring you a mini review of my favorite female essentials.  We are a very busy family.  That isn't a complaint at all -- we like staying busy! That being said, I don't want my period to hold me back in any way.  From soccer games to camping (this weekend) to our usual day-to-day activities, I keep a couple products on hand so I always feel prepared.

U by Kotex SweetSpot Labs 1

I've been using U by Kotex for years now.  They are super dependable, so it's one less thing to be stressed about during that time of the month.  And one of the silly things that I love about them are the colorful wrappers.  There's just something so cheerful about using a feminine product that also looks cute!

U by Kotex SweetSpot Labs 2

Since we'll be away this weekend, I've packed my essentials including the SweetSpot Labs Vanilla Blossom on-the-go wipes.  If you've never seen these before, you should check them out at Target! They smell so good and feel so refreshing.  They have a couple scents and this Vanilla Blossom is my fave.  I got a sample size of the other scent, because I bought this 30-wipe pack.  SweetSpot Labs are beautiful and natural, and I am so glad I've made them a part of my routine.

They actually have a special going on right now!  If you purchase two U by Kotex products or two Sweet Spot Labs products, you can receive a deluxe sample.  You can also save 15% on all U by Kotex and SweetSpot Labs products with the Target Cartwheel offer available on the app.

How do stay ready for anything?

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