Friday, April 29, 2016

Beach Beauty Essentials

Friends, it is time!  It's time to start thinking about hot days by the ocean (or pool!  or lake!) and what we'll be packing in our beach bags.  We are a total beach family.  Driving down to the coast is our favorite thing to do on the weekends during the summer.  With three kids running around, I like to keep my beach bag simple.  These are literally my essentials when we are ocean side!



Ever since I lost my favorite sunglasses in a wave a few years ago, I've stuck with inexpensive sunnies for my beach bag.  Anything that's in the $15 range is perfect.  These sunnies are from Target. I bought a couple new pairs this year, so I can switch them up every time we head to the coast.


The kids have their own sunscreen, but I prefer something a little better for my face.  My Neutrogena Ultra Sheer follows me everywhere in the summer.  It gives me the SPF that I need without the greasy feeling and the break outs that tend to follow after.  I also love that I can reapply it throughout the day and my skin still feels great.

Lip Balm

Although I put my sunscreen on my lips, I also carry around a lip balm. I've learned from experience that the stick chapsticks get lost in my beach bag.  As in, they've fallen in and they're never coming out.  I don't know what happens to them.  After the last one that disappeared, I threw this EOS balm in my bag.  So far, it hasn't grown legs and walked away.  The bright color is easy to find in my bag and I love this scent.


I basically don't go anywhere without a book, but I definitely have a book with me at the beach.  For some reason, I am always in the mood for a murder mystery when I'm relaxing in my beach chair.  This is the latest mystery book I've started.  I'm actually about to finish it, but I have another one waiting in the wings to throw in my beach bag!

Beach Bag

This seems a bit obvious, but I have to share my beach bag.  If you have just a regular tote style beach bag, put it away.  Go to this link and look at this amazing bag.  It has a mesh bottom that is disguised by a flap. The flap is connected to the side of the bag, so it looks like a design element. When you're ready to leave the beach but you actually don't want bring all the sand with you, you just unbutton the flap and shake out all the sand!  It's pretty cool.

It's not only time to get our beach bags in order, it's also time to shop for bathing suits!  I am determined that bathing suit shopping will not be 'painful' this year.  Hopefully I'm not the only person who dreads this time of year.  I've been perusing Adore Me's swimwear and lingerie.  You guys, I have been blown away.  Everything is so cute!  These are just a few of my faves...

Adore Me Swim Suits

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

I have been so impressed with the variety of styles and sizes.  These are by no means all of the swim suits I love on their site, but they are definitely the highlights.  While I love simple, classic styles, I love the bold, white floral suit (#2) and the suits with printed paneling (#1 and #4).  I am going to have the hardest time deciding on which one to buy.  These suits are so affordable, I can order a few and have some variety throughout the summer!

Now that I've shared my essentials and swimsuit faves, I'd love to hear about yours!

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