Thursday, June 30, 2016

Customizable Shampoo & Conditioner From Function of Beauty

This custom shampoo and conditioner set was sent to me for review.  All opinions are mine alone.

As a beauty junkie, I have tried a lot of different products.  You name it, I've most likely heard of it, tried, and have a very strong opinion about it.  Well, slap my knee and call me Sally, I had never heard of customizable shampoo and conditioner before Function of Beauty contacted me about trying their products!  I have always been particular about my hair, so this was right up my alley.

In case you've never heard of Function of Beauty, they are a company that creates custom hair care products.  When you create an account, you take a quiz that asks you tons of questions about your hair and your hair care concerns.  You can pick up to give concerns that you would like to address with your shampoo and conditioner.

For example, I have fine, wavy, slightly frizzy hair.  I have my hair colored, and I heat style it.  The concerns that I have are hydration, length, thermal protection, anti-frizz, and volume.  At the end of the quiz, you also have a choice in scent.  I chose Jasmine Mint and, honestly, I don't remember what the others were.  I saw Jasmine Mint, which is two of my favorite scents, and didn't read the rest!

This custom hair care system is such an awesome idea!  If you have different concerns about your hair during spring/summer vs fall/winter, you could customize a shampoo and conditioner set for the different seasons!  For example, I worry about hydration during the winter and frizz in the spring/summer, so I wouldn't necessarily need the anti-frizz in the winter (and vice versa).

I have been using my custom shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now, and I have been very happy with my results!  My hair actually feels hydrated and soft.  My hair really goes through the wringer, with all the coloring and styling I put it through.  It's so nice to run my fingers through it, and it's a little shinier as well.  As far as volumizing, I have noticed a difference when I let it air dry.  My hair is naturally wavy, and since I've been using these products my waves have stayed full and voluminous almost all day long (as opposed to falling flat by lunch time).

The only down side to Function of Beauty is the price.  The custom sets are expensive compared to drug store prices, but they are on par for high end hair products.  If you love indulging in high end hair care or if you love custom products tailored to your needs, then you should definitely try Function of Beauty.  I don't think you'll be disappointed, as I have been very happy with the results I've seen in my hair.

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