Friday, August 5, 2016

Beautiful Dresses From Fashionme

If you're like me, you love browsing affordable clothing sites.  There's a huge variety of super interesting pieces, and I always find something I want that won't break the bank.  I was browsing around on Fashionme the other day and came across a few pieces I wouldn't mind adding to my closet.

The two sleeveless dresses are so classy!  I love the pencil skirt style of the bottom.  That red midi skirt is basically screaming my name.  A bold skirt never goes out of style.  Of course, for relaxed days, the taupe tunic would be perfect.  Whether for casual Friday or weekend errands, I would get some major wear out of that.  And, hello gorgeous dress that contains all my favorite colors!  Is that print not gorgeous?  I might have to wear it as a tunic, but it'd be worth it.  The colors are so pretty!
FashionMe Wish List

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