Monday, August 8, 2016

How to Look Stunning in Your Maxi Dress

I absolutely love wearing a maxi dress.  Even though I am curvy and petite, I have found ways to wear them that look great with my figure. Suitable for wearing on the beach, to a garden party, or even for a night on the town, maxi dresses are as flexible as they are functional. However, if you’ve never worn a maxi dress before you may be feeling a little bit intimidated by the numerous designs and prints available. If this is the case, keep reading. We’re going to provide you with some tips that will leave you looking stunning in your maxi dress.

Tips for Petite Women

Compared to taller women, petite women need to be careful with the types of maxi dresses that they choose to buy. Most long dresses don’t harmonize well with shorter bodies, however this doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn. The trick is to choose a dress that has been well cut and fits snugly to your figure – especially around your thighs and hips. Choosing a maxi dress with a V-neck will elongate your neck, making you look taller and slimmer. And wearing heels with your dress will also help to give the impression that you’re taller than what you are. Axparis has some great fitted maxi dresses that will look perfect on petite women.

Tips for Plus Size Women

Maxi dresses are the perfect style for plus size women as they help to minimize full hips and legs due to the way the fabric drapes. To complement your body further, opt for a maxi dress that has wider straps as these will help to make your upper arms look slimmer and more in proportion. Spaghetti straps can work for some plus sized women, but it is best to look for dresses in a similar color to your skin tone. Plus sized women look great in maxi dresses with large prints, so don’t be afraid to be a bit daring with your fashion choices. You could also consider accessorizing your dress with a belt to show off your curves. Finally, don’t automatically look for dresses that will hide your figure.  A maxi dress that shows off your curves without clinging to your body will make you look fabulous.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Accessories

Accessories can make or break a look, so it’s important to consider these before heading out for the day. As mentioned above, belts are ideal for women who want to show off their waists in maxi dresses, and they can also add a whole new feel to your outfit. When it comes to shoes, strappy sandals in a neutral color tend to go really well with maxi dresses. However, you could also opt to wear flip flops or gladiator sandals with them. Just avoid anything that keeps your toes enclosed –especially boots – as these will only serve to make the style appear dated. 

Maxi dresses are an incredibly versatile outfit, and they can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. Keep these tips in mind the next time you go dress shopping!

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