Monday, August 8, 2016

Makeup Monday: Summer Fresh & Sweat Proof Makeup

I was sent this powder for review through the Influenster program.  All opinions are mine alone.

As a makeup-loving-gal with combination/oily skin, the summer humidity is the bane of my existence.  My makeup basically is melted from both sides -- my oily skin breaks it down and the humidity melts off the rest.  This summer has been even worse, since the heat index was over 100 for most of July and August hasn't been much cooler.  When Influenster said I would be receiving the new Maybelline powder, I was super excited.  Third to lipstick and blush, powders are the next product I try the most.  I have a few faves but there are even more that just don't cut it for me.

This new Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Powder comes in a nice, secure compact.  There is the usual cheap sponge in the compact.  I don't tend to use those, but I was in a hurry when I wore this for the first time and used it anyway.  It applied very nicely!  The color I have is Porcelain, and it was just a tad too dark for me.  This is not a surprise, because most of the time even the lightest shade is too dark.  All I have to do is blend it down my neck just a little bit and it looks good.

I was very impressed with how well it covers all my imperfections without looking cakey or powdery.  In fact, it didn't look like I had powder on at all.  It looks like naturally flawless skin.  The powder also contains salicylic acid.  If you have acne-prone skin, this might be helpful at keeping breakouts at bay.  I have not been using it long enough to see any difference in my skin, and I also haven't been breaking out very much lately.  If you have used it and had success with your acne, please share that in the comments below!

At $10.99, this is definitely worth a try.  Snatch it up if you see it in your drugstore!  I can't recommend this powder enough.

If you are curious to see how this held up during the first day I wore it, I filmed a First Impressions video.  You can check out how the powder looked from morning to night.!

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