Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Second Royal Stitch Fix

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It's been a while since I got a Stitch Fix, in fact these pictures were taken at our old house!  I've been meaning to share this fix for a while, because it was just so good.  I requested another fix inspired by Princess Kate's style, because my stylist totally nailed my style with the first one.

In case you've never heard of Stitch Fix, it's a style subscription box.  When you create your account, you complete a style quiz.  For $20, you are sent a box of five clothing and/or accessory items.  You have three days to decide what you will purchase and what you will send back.  The $20 fee is applied to whatever you purchase.  If you keep everything, they give you a 20% discount.  If you don't keep everything, you just put the items you don't want in the pre-paid envelope and send them back!  I have been getting fixes for a while and love it!

Daniel Rainn Deena Crochet Back Blouse

Daniel Rainn Deena Crochet Back Blouse, XLP, $68

I am always excited to get a Daniel Rainn top in my fixes.  They are stylish and a little different without being too out there, you know?  I love this top, and the crochet back was cute.  I would have worn this top with a cardigan, which totally defeats the purpose of having a cute crochet back.  Because of that, I sent it back.  Looking at this picture makes me wish I'd kept it.  In fact, I wish I'd kept the whole fix, but you'll realize by the end why I didn't.

Kapitol Lucero Crochet Detail Top

Kapitol Lucero Crochet Detail Top, XLP, $58

How cute is this?  This is another top that would be perfect with a cardigan for work.  It did not have  cute back like the Daniel Rainn top, so no worries there.  The material felt like it had linen in it, which would obviously wrinkle very badly.  I love linen, but I don't love wrinkles.  I sent this top back as well.

Skies are Blue Lumely Embroidered Top

Skies are Blue Lumely Embroidered Top, XL, $48

Like I said before, looking at this picture is making me feel all the regret for sending things back ... especially with this top.  This top was absolutely gorgeous and it felt so well made.  The cotton was so soft, the embroidery is gorgeous, and I could've worn this with so many things.  It was so tempting to purchase this top, but I kept the next item so....

London Times Odell Textured V-Neck Dress

London Times Odell Textured V-Neck Dress, 14P, $118

Yup, you read that right.  This dress was $118.  And I kept it.  This is by far the most expensive item I've purchased through Stitch Fix.  I asked for a Princess Kate inspired box, and my stylist Nicole nailed it with this dress.  This is my style to a 'T.'  It's one of my favorite colors, it's fit and flair, and it has an interesting texture.  Nicole even said on my style card that she knew this was way out of budget for me but that she thought it was so gorgeous it might be worth the splurge.  She was so right!  I feel amazing in this dress, and I am so glad I kept it.

Le Lis Alice Printed Faux Suede Swing Skirt

Le Lis Alice Printed Faux Suede Swing Skirt, L, $64

Talk about another regret!  I mean... I'm just having all the feels over here about this box.  Florals are my weakness, so this skirt is perfect for me.  It fit me so well and was very comfortable.  The material was super soft, and I loved the elastic waist.  I know elastic isn't super popular, but it gives such a tailored look when you tuck your shirt in.  This skirt definitely needed something more refined than a plain white tee, but it could easily be dressed up or down.  Since I kept the gorgeous and expensive dress, I also sent back this skirt.

So, tell me!!  Would you have kept the expensive dress, too?  Or, would you have kept a different item?  Maybe the whole box?

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  1. You should have kept the whole box!!! It all looked amazing on you!