Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rebecca Reads: The Forgetting Time

My most recent read is The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin. I am still getting through my summer reads!  I feel like it's taking me forever, but I'm actually reading at a faster pace than I usually do.  I am itching to get to my fall reads, which I'll be sharing on Thursday!

The Forgetting Time is a heart wrenching story about death, love, and life after death.  I went into this book knowing barely anything, and I honestly think that's the best way to read this book.  This story follows a mother, Janie, and her son Noah.  Noah is a strange little boy who hates being washed and cries for his 'other mommy.'  Janie is a single mother and has a hard time holding it all together. Noah's quirkiness is starting to affect him at school, and one day the principal calls Janie in to her office for a meeting.  Janie is told that she needs to get Noah help, but he can not attend the school again until he is better.

Through Janie's desperate attempts to find help for Noah, she stumbles upon Dr. Jerome Anderson, a doctor specializing in life after death.  Their worlds collide and all three of them go on a wild ride that ends at the door step of a mother whose son went missing years ago...

I really can't describe much more without giving away the story.  I had conflicted feelings about this book.  I was literally rolling my eyes during the first chapter, because Janie was so unlikeable.  In fact, I could not relate to her at all during the entire story.  Relating to the characters is important for me while I'm reading, so it's amazing that I actually got through this.

Adding to all that, this story is depressing.  It's sad, and I think I felt this story more because I'm a mother.  If missing children/lost children is too depressing for you, I would not pick up this book.  It was so sad, but I can assure you the ending is good.  I liked it, but I didn't love. And I would not read it again.

Have you read this?  What did you think of it?

I read this on my Kindle.

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