Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Savoring Summer and Snacking Brighter With Outshine Bars

Can you believe summer is coming to an end?  We had a pretty amazing summer this year.  Between a wonderful trip to the beach, moving, and finding time to relax as a family, we couldn't have wished for a better break from school.  Now school is gearing up, and it's almost fall!  Back yard games of tag and hide-and-seek are few and far between, and our after dinner dessert in the back yard is cut a little short since it gets dark earlier.

Heading out to the backyard in the evening has always been one of my favorite ways to wind down the day.  More often than not, the kids want a sweet treat to munch on while we relax during the last minutes of the evening.  Since we're outside, I generally grab a frozen snack like Outshine Fruit Bars.  If it melts outside, that's okay.  There's no mess to clean up!

We've been eating Outshine Fruit Bars for a couple years, so I am super excited to collaborate with them today. You can find them at many different retailers, including Target. I love that our kids are excited to eat Outshine Fruit Bars. They truly are a 'less junky' sweet treat.  They are made with real fruit or fruit juice and no GMO ingredients.

Plus, I can't get over their flavor variety.  There is literally something for everyone.  The kids love the Grape and Tangerine Medley,  Will is partial to the Strawberry, and I love the Creamy Coconut.  You can even use their website to search your retailers for a specific flavor!  I am dying to try their Yogurt bars as well.  I might have to work that into our meal plan real soon!

I feel certain something will inspire me on their Instagram.  I've been following them, and there have been a couple ideas that caught my eye.  Follow along for more snacking inspiration!

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