Monday, October 24, 2016

10 Things Everyone Who Wears UGGs Will Relate To

Over the years, UGG boots have become a winter staple. While some hate them, those of us that love them loyally get them out of the cupboard as soon as it starts to get colder. We team them with near enough everything, from slouchy jeans to pretty dresses, but get asked “why do you love them so much?” at least once a week by non-believers. There are some things all UGG wearers will relate to. Here are 10 of them.

The Good:

  • They are so amazingly comfortable.  It's like putting your feet into nice fluffy clouds, and getting  to walk around in them all day, the equivalent of slippers for the real world.  What could possibly be better?
  • They're warm.  So very warm.  You can go out on an absolutely freezing day, and your feet won't feel remotely chilly.  And we all know warm feet help the rest of you stay warm.
  • They make your legs look lovely and slim.  Due to them being quite chunky around the ankles, worn with skinny jeans, leggings or bare legs, the contract makes your legs look beautiful.
  • They last for years.  Now admittedly we only wear them for half of the year, but still, they last for a good few winters, even worn every day, so while they may seem expensive, their cost to wear ratio is actually incredible.
  • If you did want to wear them in the summer, they're actually not that bad.  Somehow the sheepskin that keeps you so lovely and toasty in the winter, also manages to be quite cool in the summer.  And they look wonderful with a pair of shorts.
  • They're marvelously easy.  As I've mentioned, they really do look great with everything, so you don't need to plan outfits, and you can just slide them on.  No laces, or zips, just slide your foot in.  Also I often find with a boot, you need a super skinny jean to be able to tuck in.  The wideness of the UGG removes that problem.
The Bad:
  • They make other people strangely angry.  A bit like marmite there are lovers and haters.  The haters really hate.  People will question your choice.  Often.
  • They make some people really jealous.  Some of the haters secretly really want a pair, maybe even all of them.  But they're worried about what will be said.  They don't have your courage.
The Messy:
  • Rain.  They don't do at all well in rain.  For a while it seems they might.  Then a tiny bit of wetness hits your toe.  From that point on they absorb it all.  What did feel like a lovely fluffy cloud, is not a giant soaking sponge.
And lastly, no matter what anyone else says or thinks, you love them anyway.

In short, UGG wearers love UGGs.  You can pick up authentic Australian made UGGs from Aussie stoires such as  No matter what, you'll keep getting them out of the cupboard every winter, because you love them.  On an awful, cold, wintery day, there's not much better than a nice, comfortable, warm UGG boot.  If you fancy a new pair, or you want to try your first UGGs, join in the UGG love.

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