Tuesday, October 25, 2016

4 Reasons to Start a New Life Abroad

Migration is built into our DNA. For millennia, the human race has migrated around the globe in search of a better life. When times get tough, we move. When the potato famine hit Ireland in the 19th century, tens of thousands of starving people left for a better life in the US. In recent times, hundreds of thousands of people have left war zones in the Middle East, risking their lives to make the perilous journey to Europe.
Leaving your home, family, job and everything you know is a tough decision to make. If it all goes horribly wrong, you could end up homeless, broke, and with no means of getting back to your former life. So if you are struggling to make a decision, here are four reasons why starting a new life abroad is a smart move.

You’ve Been Offered a Job Overseas

A firm offer of employment is the most obvious reason to relocate and start a new life abroad. Emigrating is a big step and not having a job to go to makes it hard to qualify for a visa in countries like Australia, Canada, the US and the UK. If you have a job offer, your new employer will deal with the visa application on your behalf and the process will be a lot easier. You can also relax once you arrive, since you will have a guaranteed income. 

Your True Love Lives in a Different Country

There are few barriers to true love and geography sure isn’t one of them. The internet makes it extremely easy to talk to people living in different countries, but however you met your beloved, if they are currently living in a different country, the relationship can’t really move forward. The only way to deal with this is for one of you to relocate to the other’s country. You could organise a wedding package at a gorgeous place like http://www.tocalhomestead.com.au/ and then start your new life with the person you love. 

Your Family Live Abroad

If your family have already relocated abroad, it is tempting to want to join them. This is often the reason why elderly parents end up moving to far-flung places such as Canada or Australia. They want to be closer to their children and grandchildren, so there is someone to take care of them as their health fails. The only problem with this approach is that it becomes harder to secure a visa as you age, so unless you are extremely wealthy, consider emigrating while you are young, healthy and employable. 

Your Health

Are you suffering with your health? Does living in a cold, damp climate cause you significant problems? If so, relocating to a warm, dry country could be the best thing you ever do. Many older people move to warm Mediterranean countries once they start to feel the effects of arthritis and other conditions exacerbated by cold and damp. It makes sense really. Instead of freezing over winter, you can enjoy warm sunshine.
Finally, don’t move abroad on a whim, or you could live to regret your decision.

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