Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wearing a Long Cardigan When You're Short

This is literally the first long cardigan I've ever purchased.  Being that I'm short (5'3"), I don't gravitate towards clothing that has the potential to drag on the ground. ;) When I caught sight of this in Target, I decided it was worth taking a chance on it.  I kept the tags on it just in case I got it home and had buyer's regret.

Well, I can confirm that this is the coziest cardigan I've worn in a long time.  The fabric is soft and squishy and sleeves are ever so slightly too long, so it feels cozy.  I've worn this cardigan a couple ways and have decided I have these tips to offer other shorties out there that might want to wear a long cardigan:

1.  Wear heels.  This is obvious.

2.  Wear it with a monochromatic outfit.  I've also worn this with an all black outfit, and it looked very chic.  It makes the cardigan more of a statement.

3.  Wear it with a dress that is shorter than the cardigan.  It will elongate your legs.

Dress: Target - similar // Cardigan: Target - similar // Bag: Target - similar
Heels: Loft - via thredUP - similar // Necklace: Forever 21 - similar
Photos: Em Grey

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