Friday, November 11, 2016

4 Easy DIY Phone Case Ideas

You can never have too many phone cases. You change your shoes every day to go with your outfit, and you swap out handbags every now and then. So why should your phone case be any different? Use these four DIY ideas to create custom phone cases that go with any outfit.

Click-and-Print Templates

If you are obsessed with patterns, the See That There blog has you covered. The site has a handful of beautiful and printable template patterns to choose from that suit a variety of different design styles. Simply pick your favorite, download and print. This DIY project is almost too easy. The template pattern prints to your iPhone size, so be sure to select the correct one.
For the DIY, all you need is a pair of scissors, printer, internet connection and clear case. Cut out your template pattern, place it in the case behind your phone and you’re done. We told you it was easy.

Magazine Cutouts

Take inspiration from your favorite fashion magazines to design your case. You can choose to cut out bold letters from the magazines, images or quotes to add to your DIY phone case. After you’ve selected your magazine cutouts, adhere them to the inside of your clear phone case. You can do this with a thin layer of tacky clear glue like Mod Podge. Be sure to apply them with the image or text facing downward, away from you so that it shows on the other side where you want it to. If you’re not familiar with Mod Podge, check out this video for a quick tutorial.


For this project you need a cross-stitch case that fits the iPhone 6, a needle and thread, a permanent ink pen and scissors. Make your own cross-stitch template with graph paper and a little creativity, or find a premade template online. For step-by-step instructions visit

Washi Tape

For this DIY you can use a clear case or any recycled case that fits your phone. You can find Washi tape at any craft store or online. The combinations are pretty much endless and you can customize your phone however you like, whether you prefer bright, bold colors or monotone hues.
Before you get started, you will need a craft knife, Washi tape and clear nail polish or school glue. Wrap your Washi tape around the case and push it tight into the nooks and crannies on the inside of the phone, making it tight so there are no air bubble or creases. Repeat this process until the case is covered. Use the craft knife to cut out space where the camera and other buttons are located. Add a coat of glue or clear nail polish to make sure the tape sticks and doesn't get scratched. Let the case dry, and then you’re ready to put the case on your phone.

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