Tuesday, December 20, 2016

7 Reason Why You're Not Sleeping

7 Reasons Why You're Not Sleeping

Sleep problems are no joke. There is nothing worse than lying awake night after night, staring at the ceiling, listening to your partner gently snoring away, and watching the clock. Eventually you fall asleep, but the alarm goes off almost immediately and you crawl out of bed like a zombie.
In the short term, not enough sleep is horrible, but not life threatening. After all, sleep deprivation is common amongst parents with small children and most of us survive. However, sleep deprivation in the long term is not good and definitely not healthy. The brain needs sleep to refresh and recharge. When we don’t get enough sleep, it soon starts to affect our mental and physical health, so it is sensible to find the underlying cause of why you can’t sleep. To help you, here are seven reasons why you are having sleep problems.

Uncomfortable Mattress

Mattresses don’t last forever, so if yours has been on the bed since the Fall of the Roman Empire, it’s time to invest in a new one. There are many different types of mattress, ranging from soft to extra firm, so try a few out to see which one suits you the best. Essentia is a popular brand, so read some Essentia mattress reviews to help your decision making progress.

You Have a Blocked Nose

If you are full of cold, your nose will be blocked, but there are other reasons why you might have problems breathing in bed. A deviated septum can cause nasal blockages and make it hard to breathe. Telltale signs are snoring, sleep apnea, and a sore throat in the morning. Talk to a doctor if this is your issue.


Stress affects us all at some point. Job woes, family concerns and other issues pile up and we end up stressed and unhappy. If you think stress is the root of your problems, try some relaxation therapy; take a hot bath before bed and light some aromatherapy candles in the bedroom just before you go to bed.

The Bedroom is Too Hot or Cold

It is hard to sleep when the bedroom is too hot or too cold. Open a window and turn the heating down if you are too hot, or pile some extra blankets on the bed if you are shivering all night.

Your Partner Keeps You Awake

Does your partner snore like a stranded hippo? If so, he may have a breathing problem. This doesn’t help you, however, so consider sleeping in the spare room or invest in some earplugs for the time being.

The Neighbors are Noisy

Do your neighbors party all night? Ask them to be quiet, or if this doesn’t work, report them for anti-social behavior.

Pets on the Bed

Never let pets sleep on the bed. It’s unhygienic and bad for your sleep. Pets should have their own bed, preferably in a separate room.

Sleep problems are no laughing matter, so if your lack of sleep is making you poorly, make an appointment to see your doctor.

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