Wednesday, December 14, 2016

De-Stressing Tips With Casper

I don't know about you, but this time of year can get me just a little stressed.  At this moment, I can think of ten things that are on my to-do list ... if I even had time to write a to-do list!  This is my favorite season and I love the holidays, but it's so easy to get overwhelmed and over stressed.  Today, I have my top three tips for de-stressing during the holidays.

Rebecca Lately De-Stressing Holidays Tips Caspar

Have a Warm Drink

Ending the night with a warm drink is so relaxing.  I have a large variety of decaffeinated teas for this specific reason.  Occasionally, I'll have a hot chocolate. For the most part, a warm mug of tea at the end of the night is exactly the thing I need to chill out.  Not only does a warm drink help you go to sleep at night, but the night time routine helps ease your mind into bed time.

Let Loose

Yes, my mismatched socks and pajama pants in the picture actually mean something!  Let loose. Don't worry about making everything perfect.  If you find yourself making a to-do list a mile long, stop and take a deep breath.  Not everything needs to be done at this moment.  The main point is to enjoy your family and friends during the holidays.  This has been a hard lesson for me to learn as I get older.  My house does not need to be perfect to have company over.  The company worth having over won't care if my house is not spotless!

Make a To-Do List

This might sound counter-intuitive, especially considering the previous tip.  However, if you do have a ton of things to do (and most of us do), it really helps to write things down.  Make a list of everything you have to do in no particular order.  Just write down anything that comes to mind, even if it seems insignificant.  Then, re-write the list in order of priority.  For example, you could write your list in the order of most urgent to least urgent.  Maybe you have something you have to do in 2 days, so whatever you have to do in 4 days can be lower on the list.  Another way you could organize your list is in order of most time consuming to least time consuming.  It will become clear what is priority and what isn't it.

The lovely people at Casper have sent over this awesome graphic that depicts all the kinds of naps that benefit our sleep.  A new bed upgrade could take your napping to a whole new level!  Not gonna lie ... I have been known to cat nap in my car during my lunch break.  Sometimes just 10 minutes of shut eye can do amazing things for my productivity and mental clarity during the work day!  I especially love that they suggest having a coffee right before your nap.  ;)

Rebecca Lately De-Stressing Holidays Tips Caspar

What are your tips for de-stressing during the holiday?

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