Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fun Ways to Get Fit in the New Year

Another New Year is nearly upon us. No doubt, you have a long list of New Year resolutions, including eat less chocolate, drink less wine, and spend more time doing educational things with the kids. Whether any of these resolutions make it to the end of January is anyone’s guess, but one resolution you should try to stick to involves your physical fitness.
Millions of American kids are unfit and obese. As time goes on, increasing numbers of children do virtually no exercise other than what they are required to do at school. Even the 54% of kids who were not obese still had unhealthy levels of cardiovascular fitness. As a parent, it's your job to set a good example. To do this, you need to get fit, and with the New Year almost here, what better time to start?

There are lots of fun ways to get fit, so read on and be inspired.

Group Exercise

Going to the gym is not always much fun, but joining a group exercise class will be far more enjoyable. The great thing about group exercise classes is that you are in it together. The sense of camaraderie is a powerful motivational tool. Sign up for a Hit 180 Fitness boxing workout class and enjoy a high intensity workout in the company of friends.

Celebrity DVDs

Everyone needs a celebrity DVD in his or her collection. Christmas is a popular time for celebrities to release their ‘fat to fit’ story and cash in on the fact that millions of people will be looking to lose weight in the New Year. You can work out to the DVD in the comfort of your living room, with the dog watching. To make your workout session more fun, invite a friend round to join you.

Buy a Dog

Once you open your home to a dog, your life will never be the same again. Dogs need regular exercise, so this is a great opportunity to get out more. Your new doggy friend will need to be walked twice a day, at the very least, and the more active a breed you have, the further the walks should be. Within a couple of weeks of walking your dog several miles a day, the pounds will drop off at a frightening rate.

Sign Up for a 5k Run

Having a fitness target really helps. Try signing up for a low-key local event, for example a 5k charity run. You don’t need to run the distance – some people run/walk, or even just walk, but completing the challenge will give your fitness training a sense of purpose.

Watch YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is full of fun fitness videos? Spend an evening hunting down the best channels and bookmark your favorite videos. You can work out to YouTube every evening. What fun!

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fitness. Most of these methods are cheap or free. As long as you resolve to move more and eat less, you will soon start to feel healthier.

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