Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gift Ideas: For The Guys

I received this shave set in from Harry's.  All opinions are mine alone.

I love shopping for my husband, but sometimes it can be difficult.  When you're buying a gift for someone who has everything they need, you have to be a little creative with gift-giving.  To be honest, my hubby would probably be fine if I gave him Legos ... but I do want to give him some grown up gifts, too.  Here are a few suggestions for the guy in your life!

Although I do most of the cooking, my hubby likes to occasionally take a turn in the kitchen.  This molecular gastronomy kit sounds pretty cool, but it's a little too science-y for me.  I think he would love this.  Honestly, he can't have too many multi-tools.  This one happens to also be a watch and it can clip on his belt.  It would be perfect for when we go camping!  Wallets are a pretty standard gift,but this one looks industrial with the stainless steel detailing.

Being that it's winter, a pair of gloves is always useful.  However, these are made from very soft alpaca yarn.  They are also fingerless, which is great for when you need to open doors or use your phone outside.

My hubby has quite a massive red beard (that pic is from 3-ish months ago) that he recently trimmed down to a shorter length.  So, I think a shave set is in order!  These two options are great and both can be engraved.  The Truman set is deluxe with a few extra options.  You can have the shave stand engraved.  The Winston set is a little more basic, and you can have the shave handle engraved.  I love the color and sleek design.  He is receiving the Winston set, and I think he's going to love it!
Rebecca Lately Men Gift Guide Harry's Shave Set

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