Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tips for Studying While on Vacation

Rejuvenation, relaxation and fun are usually the reason why most people go on vacation. But sometimes, studying while on vacation is an unavoidable reality. If you are one of these workaholics, or you just absolutely need to work on a specific project while you’re away, here are a few tips to make it stress-free so you can enjoy your holiday and have as much fun as possible.  I was in school for quite some time, so I definitely experienced every type of scenario where I had to study.

1. Consider Internet Access

If you require internet access for the studying you are doing, such as an online nursing degree, consider your internet access when you are making your travel arrangements. Depending on Wi-Fi from the local provider or your hotel may seem like all you require, but if this connection fails during the time you have set aside to study, what will you do? Consider bringing a wireless hotspot with you for these emergencies.

2. Reward Yourself after Studying 

The reward system is quite effective for most people and is so simple. For every successful chapter of study – and I would recommend you measure the understanding of that chapter with a quiz – allow yourself something pleasant such as a walk, a trip to the movie, or a confectionery. Make sure the study matches the reward – finishing a two-page essay for your online nursing degree course isn’t quite worth a trip to the beach.

3. Prepare Ahead of Time 

Preparation is the key to a fruitful study-vacation. Often, you will know many months before when you will take a vacation; so, use this time to plan ahead and prepare as much learning material as possible in advance. This will eliminate additional stress during your vacation.

4. Increase Accountability

Many individuals find they are highly likely to finish a task if they can account for it. This can be as simple as informing your partner or friend that you intend to have studied for a certain program by the end of your vacation. Remind them to ask you about your study so that you can show that you did what you promised you would do.  
Another good idea is to create a study group where you do not speak until the end of the lesson, whether that is one, two, or three hours. You might be studying different online nursing programs, but colleagues witnessing will aid you to focus on the study due to a lack of a better alternative.

5. Use Mobile Apps

The option of getting an online degree has become so easy due to the advancement of technology. You know that mobile apps are quite convenient at home, but what you might not know is that they are even more convenient while you are on the go. 
Download study material, such as online accelerated nursing program material, in tablet or mobile app form – this will go a long way when you are traveling from city to city so that you don’t have to carry your computer or textbooks everywhere. Use digital lectures and practice questions that are easily accessible and available in a neat, small setting. 
You will literally have the opportunity of studying anytime and anywhere which makes learning or reviewing new ideas quite easy, fast, and convenient while you are on vacation. The best thing about mobile apps is that they don’t need the internet to work (after downloading your material).  

Distraction is the number one enemy of students. If you are not concentrating on your study, it isn’t worth anything. During the festive season, whether it’s New Year or Christmas festivities, mid-semester break, a long weekend, or even a few days off work, it’s quite hard to focus when you are on the go. This is why the above tips for studying while on vacation are important.

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