Monday, February 13, 2017

Planner Stickers

I was given a code to purchase these stickers.  All opinions are mine alone.

Recently, I shared my new planner from Inkwell Press.  Since then, I've been filming planning videos here and there.  When I first started using planners years ago, there wasn't a market for planner stickers.  Whatever I could find at Michael's is what I used in my planners.  Now, planner stickers are everywhere!  Browsing around on Etsy is so much fun.  Everyone is so creative with their planners, and I love it.

Lately, I've had an itch to create my own stickers.  So, when StickerApp asked me if I'd like to take a stab at creating my own, I jumped at the chance.  Since most of the stickers I purchase are functional (meaning, I can use them for a specific purpose instead of for decoration), I was leaning towards creating stickers that I can use week after week.

The two things that I do the most in my planner are write lists and maintain my goals.  When I was these rectangle stickers, I immediately thought they would be perfect as to-do lists.  Since I love the color grey, these will definitely get used all the time.

Rebecca Lately StickerApp Stickers

I also decided to create these polaroid style stickers.  Goals are something that I focus on in my planner.  Each week, I like to either write quotes or little notes to remind myself of my overarching goals for the year.  Since Valentine's Day is this week, I thought this verse about love is very appropriate.

Rebecca Lately StickerApp Stickers

Rebecca Lately StickerApp Stickers

Do you use stickers in your planner?  To be honest, stickers are fun even if I don't use them in my planner!

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