Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fresh Spring Makeup

I was sent the eyeliner and liquid lipstick for review.  All opinions are mine alone.

Now that we've come out of winter, the flowers are blooming, and all I can think about is pink.  I've never been a huge fan of pink, but it really has been taking over my makeup recently.  A few weeks ago, when I went shopping for some new spring makeup, nothing really caught my eye.

That was my first cue to shop my stash!  If you've watched a couple of my recent videos on my YouTube channel, I am going through a huge decluttering phase.  I really need to purge before we move again, and it's actually been a huge source of inspiration.  It's so nice to dig around my makeup drawers to find old favorites.

I am currently going through my blushes.  I'm not done going through them all and purging, so that video has not been recorded yet.  When I pulled out the blush I used in this look, I knew it would pair perfectly with this new Lancome Matte Shaker in Petal Power.  If you haven't seen these new Matte Shakers yet, you should definitely check them out.  The color goes on so smoothly with the innovative applicator, and it dries down to last all day.  Seriously, I thought the color would come off when I eat my afternoon yogurt and ... it didn't!  I am thoroughly impressed.

We all need a flush of color after winter, and this Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat is perfect.  I've featured this line of blushes here on my blog before.  In case you've never seen them, they are very finely milled.  If you noticed the packaging in the last photo, the blush color is swirled in a skin-perfecting powder.  It gives your skin the perfect amount of glow, along with the flush of color.

Next, a cute little eye flick!  I love using my Rodial Liquid Liner to create a little wing at the outer corner of my eye.  This liquid liner is so pigmented and it doesn't budge all day.  Since we're heading into the heat and humidity of spring/summer,  I don't want any of makeup sliding around on my face.

Creating a little flick at the corner of your eye is so easy.  Just place the tip of the liner pen where you want the flick, press down, and there it is!  The tip of this particular liner pen is so skinny, it makes winged liner a breeze.  Then, I lightly line the rest of my lashes.

Next, for the fun part!  Lips!  The Lancome Matte Shakers are so cool.  They are a matte liquid lipstick with a really unique applicator.  The steps are really easy to remember: shake, apply, dry.  You shake up the product really good, because the formula is a water/oil emulsion.  Using the applicator, you apply it to your lips like you normally apply any other lipstick.  Smoosh your lips together (you know what I mean?).  And you're good to go!

This lipstick lasted hours.  I was so impressed that I hopped onto Sephora's website to check out the other colors.  Sadly, there are only a few colors in the range.  There was one nude color that looked promising, but it was sold out!  Hopefully they bring out some more colors in this line.  The formula is so nice!

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  1. That eyeliner looks like it is user friendly. Does it last long? Thank you for the tip on the wing;)

  2. Pretty,pink,simple & perfect for Spring..and thanks for the tip on the eyeliner wing!