Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rebecca Reads: The Luxe Life

Well, for going through a reading slump a month or so ago, I have been going through books left and right!  To be honest, it might be due to procrastination with packing, soo....  ;)

I'm just going to look at it like I'll have a backlog of books to share here on the blog while we're moving!

My most recent read is Fleur de Force's The Luxe Life.  I've been thumbing through this book for the last few months since I ordered it.  It's a gorgeous coffee table book, but last week I took the time to really read it and soak it all in.

I've been a huge fan of Fleur's since she started her channel.  She has a good mix of high end and drug store products that she shares on her beauty channel.  I also love her vlog channel, because she has a dedicated 'every other month' daily vlogging schedule.  Her schedule is hectic, and I admire how she keeps it all together and manages to have fun at the same time.  Plus, her puppies are so cute and she frequently features them!

The Luxe Life is her second book, with her first book being The Glam Guide.  She described her second book as the grown up version of her first book, which I completely agree with.  While I love her first book, it's not a resource that I frequently turn to since it is the basics of beauty.  With all the beauty videos I watch, I have the basics covered.

What I expected from this book was a glammed up version of her last book, along with more home/life content.  It's a well-rounded lifestyle book, with an emphasis on luxury products.

Rebecca Lately The Luxe Life Fleur de Force Book Review

Rebecca Lately The Luxe Life Fleur de Force Book Review

It's actually ironic that this book started out as a coffee table book for me, because that's exactly how I feel about it.  After thumbing through, there are quite a few sections that I couldn't get through because I read and watch so much beauty content.  I think that for people who haven't ventured into the world of high end skincare and beauty, it will be very informative.  I can definitely see someone being tempted to purchase #allthethings after they read this!

The home/lifestyle sections were by far my absolutely favorites.  All of her recipes look so gorgeous and sounds so yummy.  I haven't tried any yet, but the first one I will test out is her home made ravioli.  She made the process sound so easy, and I've been dying to try my hand at home made ravioli anyways.  I remember a couple years ago with Fleur and her husband Mike made a ton of food videos in collaboration with Sainesbury's.  They really love their food, as do I, which makes sense that it's my favorite section of her book.

Overall, this is a gorgeous coffee table book to thumb through.  I really enjoyed reading through the home/lifestyle sections and looking at the gorgeous photography.  The recipes look divine and I can't wait to try some out and share them on my Instagram.

Have you read this book yet?  What did you think?


  1. The only books I am reading are 3 coding ones from my medical studies. But this one looks lovely!

  2. I agree this makes for a lovely coffee table book!