Monday, July 24, 2017


I was sent the Clixit Acne Eraser for free.  I was not obligated to review it.  All opinions are mine alone.

Over the year, I have struggled with acne quite a bit.  Now that I think about it, I've had to manage my acne for over half my life.  When I was younger, I imagined that as an adult my acne would disappear and I'd never have to worry about it again.

Oh my, how wrong I was!  My acne got a little better as I got older, but it has still been a real problem.  When I was in my 20s, I tried a really popular skincare system.  Overall, the system didn't work for me.  It actually made my acne larger and more painful, although they did not last as long. There was one product that worked really well.  The mask in the set contained sulfur and I noticed after using it every week that my skin felt and looked so clear.  Even when I had active spots, the redness died down.

So, when I was contacted by Clixit to try their acne eraser pen and I read that it contains sulfur, I was very curious to see if my skin still reacts to sulfur.  Along with sulfur, it contains camphor and salicylic acid.  It claims to heal acne fast, prevent future breakouts, control oil production, and calm irritated skin.  The pen gets its name from the way you dispense the product.  The pen has one large cap and a smaller cap that covers the tip.  On the bottom of the pen is a button that you click to dispense the product.  I've found that one click is enough product for one spot, so this will definitely go a long way!

The funny thing is, after this pen arrived, I had to wait for a break out to appear.  I have such a good skincare routine right now, I only have hormonal breakouts. It's been really nice to basically only have a couple break outs a month.  Nevertheless, this weekend I had a couple inflamed spots that were lingering around.  On Saturday morning, I applied the Clixit acne eraser over my morning moisturizer.  I applied my makeup as usual and went about my day.

I only noticed two things.  Number one, I could slightly smell the sulfur throughout the day.  You might want to use this at night so you don't notice the smell.  It really isn't that bad, but if you're sensitive to smells you might want to be aware.  Number two, my spots were completely dried out by the evening, the redness had completely left them, and the spots did not return the next day.

I am so glad this works!  It truly is amazing to me, and I know this will be in my skincare routine for a long time to come.

Rebecca Lately Clixit Acne Eraser Review

Rebecca Lately Clixit Acne Eraser Review

Rebecca Lately Clixit Acne Eraser Review

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