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I have used my Grove Collaborative referral link in this post.  If you click through and make a purchase, you will receive $10 off your order & I will receive a $10 credit on the site.  Please do not feel obligated to use my link, but thank you very much if you do!

Since deciding to go cruelty-free with my beauty routine, I'm slowly replacing all of my non-cruelty-free items.  I don't want to be wasteful and throw out all of the products I have now to replace them with cruelty-free options.

To be honest, this has served a few purposes.  First, I can take my time trying to find replacements.  I'm not going to run out of everything all at once, so I'll be trying out different products one at a time. Since I ran out of my favorite Hello Toothpaste right before I placed my August Grove Collaborative porder, I threw this Redmond EarthPaste in my cart to try.

Side note: Hello Toothpaste is cruelty free, so I didn't really need to find a replacement.  This was more of an interest to find another cruelty free toothpaste, only one that does not contain sodium laurel sulfate.  If you've ever suffered from frequent canker sores, you might want to try a toothpaste that doesn't foam.  Sometimes the sodium laurel sulfate, which is the agent that makes your toothpaste foam and bubble up, can irritated your mouth.  I grew up having frequent canker sores until my dentist suggested it might be the sls that is irritating me.  There are certain brands of toothpaste that irritate my mouth more.  For example, Hello Toothpaste contains sls but it doesn't bother my mouth at all.  It's probably that hello toothpaste has less sls than others; I'm not sure, because I haven't looked into it.  However, that does seem likely since not all sls-containing-toothpastes bother me.

Back to the Redmond Earthpaste.  This toothpaste is formulated without glycerin, flouride, sls, or artificial coloring.  A quick glance at the short ingredient list shows that it does not contain any sugar, either.  The ingredients are purified water, bentonite clay, sea salt, spearmint essential oil, menthol, and tea tree oil.

As you can imagine, this toothpaste looks very natural.  It's a grey-brown color and it's kind of thick. It is not as smooth as a traditional toothpaste.  This might sound random, but if you're the kind of person who puts water on their tooth brush after you apply your toothpaste, it will cause the toothpaste to kind of splatter off of the tooth brush.  That might be a weird thing to bring up, but there it is.  I also prefer to use warm water on my tooth brush instead of cold water, because I've noticed the toothpaste spreads around my teeth a little bit better.

The taste is really nice.  You don't taste the clay or salt at all.  At least, I don't.  All I taste is the spearmint and menthol.  It's very refreshing.  It feels weird at first, since the toothpaste doesn't foam at all.  I just work my tooth brush around my mouth like I usually do.

Another thing I do differently is to rinse my mouth when I'm done brushing my teeth.  You might already do this, but I've never been much of a mouth rinser.  The toothpaste does feel drying in my mouth.  My teeth feel amazingly clean, and my mouth feels fresh, but it also feels very dry on the roof of my mouth.  I also wake up with the most amazing case of morning breath the morning after. #justkeepingitreal

Overall, I've been happy with this.  I would definitely repurchase this, because I love the taste & the simple ingredients.  This will not replace my Hello Toothpaste, it's simply another cruelty free toothpaste option for me.

Rebecca Lately Grove Collaborative Redmond Earthpaste Review

Rebecca Lately Grove Collaborative Redmond Earthpaste Review

Rebecca Lately Grove Collaborative Redmond Earthpaste Review

Rebecca Lately Grove Collaborative Redmond Earthpaste Review

Rebecca Lately Grove Collaborative Redmond Earthpaste Review

Since I purchased this through Grove Collaborative, I'll share exactly what that is and how I use it.  I was introducing to Grove Collaborating through The Cleaning Mama blog last year.  She had a special offer for some free Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products if you place an order through the website. Grove Collaborative is similar to a monthly subscription service in that you have an order sent to your house every month.  However, you choose the items and there is no minimum spending amount. Grove Collaborative carries an abundance of home, health, and personal items that are natural or environmentally conscious.

I joined their VIP program, which costs $39.99 per year.  You get free shipping, 5 free full size items per year, and access to a hotline with very fast responses (I can attest to that, they are very fast at getting back to me!!).  I can say 100% that it is worth it.  You basically get back what you pay for the program fee in the free products.

Some of the products I buy are cheaper than buying them in store, and some of them are not.  I am okay with that, because I really appreciate the service they offer.  I purchase all of my cleaning supplies through Grove Collaborative, and I plan out each month's order carefully.  I have also started purchasing some personal care items as well and have been very happy with those, as well.

If you're interested in what I order from Grove Collaborative every month, I would love to share that. Let me know if that's something that interests you!

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